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who are

Hilltop Kids?

For that parent that believes in the age long creed to teach your child in the way that he should grow, Hilltop Kids Daycare provides the perfect place. For the nurturing and nourishing of your child, there is no better learning center. At Hilltop Kids Daycare, we have programs for children ages six weeks to 12 years designed specifically by experts in the field of early childhood education. From infancy to preschool to Kindergarten, at Hilltop Kids Daycare, your child will engage in exciting learning activities specifically designed to meet her developmental needs and help her advance to the next level.



TO our Center!

The ambience once you walk in the door of Hilltop Kids Daycare is captivating and needless to say breathtaking. That is why we welcome you to come see what the buzz is about. From the gentle kiddy rhymes that greet you over the PAS to the sweet, rich smell, you are left with no doubt that you are in a center that prides itself in excellence. At Hilltop Kids, our mantra is to distinguish excellence from convenience. That is why our teachers and children eagerly look forward to each new day.



About Our Teachers

Our Teachers represent the finest crop of individuals from various backgrounds, culture and nationality. This deliberate choice of staff is intended to enrich the lives of children in care. Most of our teachers as parents themselves, value the importance of nurturing a child in an environment that encourages the development and the actualization of growth milestones of a child. Endless hugs and encouraging words are never ending at Hilltop Kids Daycare. Our first criteria to hiring is can you have fun? Our perspective is not a classroom filled with children. We see each child individually. That is the reason each teacher brags about being a Hilltopper. We welcome you to come share our experience.